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Whether a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, you might want to wear leggings to your pole dancing class. However, this isn’t just about a fashion choice. It’s about your safety. These readers have some words of caution before you decide to take a spin in your leggings.

Ghana Sarfo

Ghana Sarfo

Ghana Sarfo is a fashion and clothing expert who is the brand ambassador for Snatched Body, a shapewear company.

Leggings Can Make Moves Harder To Execute

You might not think that what you wear while taking a pole dancing class, or performing, would make a difference, but it can really affect how well you do when on the pole. Most people who perform with a pole choose to wear short shorts, as this allows your skin to provide you with some grip to move around safely.

Most leggings are spandex, which is a very slippery material. Although it’s comfortable, it is not something that you should wear when on the pole as it can become dangerous to yourself. You can slip much more easily when wearing leggings, which can cause you to fall and hurt yourself.

Legging can also make it tougher to execute certain moves on the pole because of how fast you can move with them. It makes it tougher to grip the pole, which is not helpful when doing a pole dancing performance. It’s best to wear shorts or a skirt when doing these stunts and dances for your safety and to ensure you can move properly.

Rita Farruggia

Rita Farruggia

Rita Farruggia is a Canadian-based health, and hygiene expert. She is also the CEO at Happy Being Well.

Leggings Can Make You Sweat More

Leggings are worn in many pole dancing performances for comfort and heat control. However, wearing leggings can affect your pole dancing performance in a few ways.

First, if your leggings are tight, they will restrict your range of motion. This will impact your ability to [perform] moves that require flexibility, like twirling or clusters.

Second, leggings can make you sweat more. This will make it harder to stay cool during a performance and can lead to dehydration.

Veronica Thompson

Veronica Thompson

Veronica Thompson is the COO of Everyday Power. She also holds an MBA. In her free time, she bakes, dances, and paints.

Less Grip Between Fabric and Pole

Wearing leggings, especially if you are a beginner, is a big No-No. Pole dancing mainly relies on friction between your skin and the pole. The higher the friction, the better since you can do more tricks with fewer chances of falling. However, if you wear leggings, the friction becomes lower as there is a lower grip between the fabric and the pole. With that, you will [be] more likely to fall from the pole.

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