Shay Williamson

Shay Williamson has taken on the pole community with ambition and grit. As well as becoming the owner od PoleActive in December 2020, She is the owner of Kairos Fitness, a successful pole and aerial studio in Ogden and Centerville Utah; and the owner of Dew Point Pole, a premium grip aid for pole and aerial performers. She is also the founder of Aerialympics, a fast growing pole and aerial competition. 

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Jehan began training in circus & pole training in 2011, since then has traveled the world as an inspirational teacher, performer, competitor and coach. She opened The Stage Global in 2016 to create a space that would be welcoming to all bodies, where people could feel safe to explore, learn, and reconnect with themselves and each other in a playful yet challenging way. Jehan specializes in rehabilitative exercise, performance coaching, and she produces original circus theater shows that highlight social issues. She teaches pole dancing, lyra, aerial yoga, aerial fabrics, and educational courses for fitness professionals. On stage, Jehan is a wild card - she is known for high energy performances, daring theatrics, and memorable storytelling. She is passionate, encouraging, knowledgeable, and committed to spreading empowerment through movement arts.

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Jehan Izhar (she/they)

Emily Elise Aldrich

Emily Elise has spent her entire life dancing, but it wasn't until she found pole that she discovered "Love at first sight!" She now spends the majority of her week teaching and training at her home studio in Minneapolis, MN, where she follows her dreams of becoming a full time pole dancer & choreographer. She loves the air of confidence that her Pole Active outfits instill in her, as well as her dancing. Whether going to the studio to slay or stretch, she always feels her best!  

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Jazz the Poler

Allison Sipes is a in the pole community. She Owns @flpolefitnesschampionship @dancefilthyusa @aeriusfitnesstraining. 

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Allison Sipes