About us


We exist for the ones who know that you can be strong and sensual. The ones who confidently strut their stuff on the pole. We celebrates those who work to be their best self, the go-getters, the empowered, we are here for the #POLEACTIVISTS.

We know that you cannot put a #PoleActivist into a generic category, that’s why we have a curated collection of attire for all personalities. You’ll be sure to find an outfit you’ll feel great in for each part of your multifaceted life.

Whether you choose something sensual, feminine, fierce or classic, we can promise that you’ll feel comfortable and confident while on the pole in anything from PoleActive.

Looking for something specific that you haven’t seen on our website? Let us know!

Meet The PoleActive Owners 2020- Present

"Shay Williamson and Bennie Miles are honored and thrilled to be the new owners of PoleActive. "We absolutely love the uniqueness and inclusivity of the pole and circus community and we cannot wait to help grow and cultivate it even more." Shay & Bennie also own Dew Point™ Products, a premium vegan and minimalist grip aid company, Kairos Pole & Aerial Fitness in Utah, and are the founders of Aerialympics™, an all-inclusive aerial, pole and circus competition and showcase. Shay is an international Pole Champion, judge and instructor. Bennie is a professional rigger and all around maker and fixer of things. We cannot wait to see where this new journey takes us, and we are so grateful to have you on it with us. All our Love, Shay & Bennie @Shayshay0211 & @a.boi.named.b


"I am continually inspired by the creative, diverse, and outgoing personalities that make up the pole dancing community. When I started PoleActive I wanted to find a way to empower these fierce individuals. There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you have a new outfit that you feel confident in, you’re excited to practice, try new moves, and push yourself to new heights. That’s how I want each and every person who orders from PoleActive to feel, I want them to embrace their inner #PoleActivists"