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Tips For Getting Into Pole Dancing

Becoming an expert pole dancer takes hard work and repetition, and it also helps if you’re passionate about the sport. It is one of the few sports you can take up at any age and compete in if you wish. You may be disheartened, or your ego or body may take a bruising, if you are just starting. Don’t give up. Here are some tips to help kickstart your training and keep your motivation up.

1. Watch Tutorials

If you aren’t ready for an in-person class or just like to prepare, there are tons of tutorials online. They’ll provide education and motivation for beginners. YouTube and TikTok offer so many videos with how-tos, tips, and tricks. Keep a list of moves you want to master.

Start practicing the basic pole moves at home. They are the foundation of all the more advanced stunts you will learn in classes. By practicing, you will build confidence, which will translate to being a better performer. If you can flow easily through the basic moves, you can pick up more complex routines and learn new skills faster.

2. Join A Class

Now that you have the basic moves down, it’s time to enroll in a class. Classes are typically small, so you will be sure to get to know your classmates. You’ll meet people to encourage your skills, hone your technique, and have fun with in and out of class. You can enroll in online courses if you live in an area where classes are not readily available.

If you haven’t attended a class before, you might feel like dressing in your regular workout attire, like leggings. However, you need exposed skin to grip the pole and perform moves safely. High-waisted pole shorts are an excellent place to start. If you want more coverage, pole dancing outfits for beginners are sticky while covering your skin. For any exposed skin in class, make sure it’s dry. Any lotions or damp skin will cause you to slip and slide all over the place. If you’re concerned, Dew Point can help keep your skin moisturized while maintaining the grip you need for class.

Just in case, bring sneakers to your first class. Most classes are barefoot, but wearing shoes will help prevent the inevitable banging of your feet. The momentum swinging you around the pole can be alarming initially, causing you to fight it and walk away with a few bruises. Wearing shoes can prevent the worst ones, so your instructor might encourage it if it helps you move more confidently.

Once you’ve gotten some classes under your belt, try out some different styles. There are three main styles: pole sport or pole fitness, artistic, and sensual pole dancing. But there are many sub-types with different techniques and styles you can incorporate into your personal dance style. Yoga, aerial silks, and Lyra hoop are additional classes that can help you gain flexibility and confidence and build on your skills.

3. Train Your Body

Pole combines flexibility, strength, and grace, among other dance techniques like ballet, so you will be sore from using new muscle groups. Outside your classes, work on getting physically strong to make it easier to hold your body in the correct positions while maintaining your fluid movements and grace.

Have you ever been performing an exercise, and your muscles start to shake? It tends to detract from your dance and could lead to you losing your grip on the pole. Building your stamina will also allow you to work longer in classes and perform without getting tired.

Throughout the day, start to do posture checks. Practicing body awareness will improve your posture and ensure you are in the correct positions for class. When you are in class, practice moves on each side. It can become a habit to favor a side, but dancing on your non-dominant side will help your movements and strength. When you can dance on either side, you’ll be more flexible and allow for more variations in your routines.

4. Create A Routine

No matter what skill you are learning, practice leads to improvement. Practice at home and attend regular classes to see results. Stay motivated by celebrating your small victories. If you document your journey, you will be able to see the progress you’ve made that might otherwise be hard to notice. Refer to the list you made of the moves you want to master and see which ones you can tick off your list.

As much as practicing is essential, so are your rest days. When dancing and building muscle, you create micro-tears in your muscle fibers that need time, proper hydration, and sleep to heal and build bigger and stronger muscles. Be sure to give yourself time to recover, so you can get back to learning new skills and avoid injury.

5. Have Fun

You’re doing this because you love it. As long as you are happy, you will continue progressing at a perfect rate. Continue to express yourself through your dance and get creative. Remember that pole dancing is for you. Celebrate how far you’ve come, and continue to dream big. The only thing that may be holding you back from becoming a champion pole dancer is yourself.


If you want to try pole dancing but don’t know where to start and you are reading this, then you are in the right place. In this infographic, you will learn some helpful tips on how to kickstart your training and stay motivated throughout your journey. Let’s get started! Read on.

5 Tips For Getting Into Pole Dancing Infographic