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What To Wear To Pole Dancing Class                                                       (Konstantin Mishchenko/Pexels)

Your first pole dancing class can be daunting even before considering what to wear. Pole dancing is associated with wearing as little as possible, but does that apply to beginners? How do you even make that happen with your current workout wardrobe?

Luckily, your outfit is based more on your pole dancing level. Your garments should be fitted but breathable and make you feel comfortable. You must invest in pole dancing clothing to complete the trickier moves as you progress. Here are some tips and factors to consider when deciding what works for you.

For Your First Class

Initially, you will probably learn leg grips, so a typical workout outfit will work to start. Wear what you are most comfortable in; You will want a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, and some sweats to layer over the top while you warm up. You will probably be barefoot, but some sneakers or running shoes are always a safe bet to bring to your first class. As you progress, what you wear will become more critical for your safety and ability to do certain poses.

Factors To Consider For Your Clothing


Certain materials can be pretty slick, so selecting articles explicitly made for pole dancing is ideal. The movements involved are more complex than other exercises, so you’ll be grateful for the four-way stretch technology and double seams that are standard for polewear.


Pole dancing is notoriously inclusive, so you can expect to find plenty of clothing options to fit your unique needs. As more men discover the benefits of pole dancing, there’s an expanded selection of male pole dance outfits to choose from. You’ll also find plus size pole dance wear to show off your fuller figure. You should never feel like your gender or body type limit you from thriving in pole dancing. There’s an outfit for you and a community ready to welcome you.


Function, good fit, and comfort should still be the primary goals when selecting your outfit. You want to feel confident in your dance outfits to focus on your moves. Depending on the style of class, dance, or if you are competing, your costume selection may fluctuate. These are some of the basics of any outfit to consider:

    • Tops

As you get more experienced, you might wear a pole dancing top that looks like and doubles as a sports bra. These allow your arms, shoulders, back, and stomach to be exposed, which will all grip the pole more effectively than grippy fabric. You can also have full-body pole dancing bodysuits or catsuits, which provide more midsection coverage. Sleeve lengths vary depending on your level and preference as well.

    • Bottoms

If you haven’t researched pole dancer outfits, you may think your choices are limited or be concerned about the lack of coverage. But there will be a look for you. You can peruse high-waisted pole dancing shorts that give you more coverage over your stomach and low back. Low-waisted shorts will likely give you maximum skin exposure and grip while keeping you decent. Cheeky shorts are typically a happy medium, giving you a range to choose between high-waisted coverage or barely-there shorts.

Regarding pole dancing bottoms, there are open and flowy or mesh pants options. There are your standard full coverage sticky, fishnet, or garter-styled leggings to try out. There are also tights and chaps. No matter your size or style, there will be something perfect for you.

    • Shoes

Again as a beginner, you might prefer sneakers or bare feet. If you’re a dancer and already have canvas ballet, jazz, or barefoot dance socks, those can also work in classes. You want to avoid slick socks to stay in control of your moves.

You can wear high heel pole dancing Pleaser shoes in specific studios, which aren’t just for aesthetics or more sensual moves. They will help your posture and height, improving your inner core strength and giving you longer spins. You have various styles of heels and boots for dancing to fit your needs.

What’s Underneath Is Just As Important

You don’t want to worry about what will pop out when you swing around a pole. Supportive underwear is a must. Invest in some pole-friendly sports bras, underwear, or ballet belts, depending on your needs. Bike shorts and yoga shorts can work in a pinch too. If you can’t trial your undergarments on a pole in the privacy of your own home, then some yoga, HITT moves, or somersaults will give you an idea of how they will hold up while dancing.

Don’t Forget To Accessorize

Skin grip, legwarmers, and pole grip knee pads are the more practical class accessories. But there are glittery skin grips, stockings, garters, harnesses, shoe covers, and even jewelry, all made for pole dancing. Whether you are looking to wow in your competition costume or for some inspiration for your class attire, you have nearly unlimited options to make your look your own.

Ultimately, what you wear to dance in is dictated by what fits you, is comfortable, and what won’t restrict your movements. The more skin is exposed, the more grip you’ll have, but you can still grip without discomfort. Get sticky pole leggings and long sleeve combos or a sticky catsuit; you can be covered from head to toe if you wish.

If you avoid baggy or loose clothing, which can become tangling hazards, you can wear what you want. Except for exhibitions or competitions, everyone will be more focused on their own practice, so what you wear is all for you and your dance. Keep it fun and, most importantly, true to you.