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While you may argue that it doesn’t matter what you wear, your clothing is a matter of safety when it comes to pole dancing. These readers highlight some surprising reasons why pole wear is essential for your next performance.

Kiesha Paulus

Kiesha Paulus

Kiesha Paulus is a pole fitness instructor at Studio Invert.

Yes, For Safety

Pole dancers use their skin to grip. It’s important that the costume or attire selected for the performance has bare skin that accommodates the areas needed to grip the routine’s tricks. Also, depending on the routine, extra fabric or anything flowy could potentially cause a slip or injury if the performer isn’t able to move around it as they perform.

Another reason that proper pole wear is important for a successful performance is that the attire can help create and express style and mood or tell a story helping the routine come to life for the performer.

Mahmudul Kabir

Mahmudul Kabir

Mahmudul Kabir is the Editor-In-Chief of Footinsider.

Yes, For Many Reasons

Yes, I think proper pole wear is vital for a successful performance. There are four reasons for this:

    1. If you are not comfortable with your clothing, it won't be easy to focus on your routine and execute it well.
    2. The right clothing can help you grip the pole better, which is important for safety and success.
    3. Wearing the right clothing can make you look and feel more confident, which can impact your performance positively.
    4. Proper pole wear can help protect your skin from bruising and other injuries.

So overall, proper pole wear is important for a successful performance because it can help you stay focused, safe, and confident while dancing.

Oberon Copeland

Oberon Copeland

Oberon Copeland, Owner & CEO Of

Yes, Dress For Success and Safety

Pole dancing is a sensual and athletic art form that requires strength, flexibility, and grace. It is also an activity that comes with a certain amount of risk. Because dancers are often inverted or suspended from the pole, there is a potential for serious injury if they lose their grip or footing. That's why it's so important for dancers to wear proper pole-dancing attire. Pole-dancing shoes have open toes and heels to provide better traction on the pole while also allowing dancers to show off their [footwork].

They also typically have thicker soles to cushion the impact of landings. In addition, dancers usually wear shorts or skirts to protect their skin from burns that can occur when sliding down the pole. And finally, most dancers wear crop tops or sports bras to avoid wardrobe malfunctions during spins and inversions. So while pole dancing may not be considered a "traditional" sport, it's still important for dancers to dress for success—and safety.

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